THE FOCUS /VISION of this non-governmental, non-denominational and non-profit making organization is informed by the urgency to address the support group need of the church in her quest to ensure that the full knowledge of God and His words permeates the society, even as she strives to escape the strong holds of satan that are threatening it’s existence.

Our Nation is being torn by strufe, by insecurity, and by greed. In the period following Nigeria civil war, it has become increasingly evident that moral deterioration instead of improvement seems to mark our generation. The rapid advance of crime, youth delinquency, increase in devoice, exploitation of sex, and extensive use of hard drugs have spread like cancer through modern society.

It is evident that man is not able to solve his own problems, and that only a divine or theological solution provides the answers.

Our generation has eyed with increasing trepidation the successive waves of evil which have infiltrated world society.

The foundation of molarity are being undermined. The central influences of life are being taken over by men from the bottom levels of society in contrast to earlier generations. God’s authority in society is mediated from the top in the punishing of evil and the rewarding of good. But when control is taken over by the men at the bottom, we may be sure that the evil is in it.

Thus permissiveness and situation ethics have barred the issues, weakened the power to discern evil under it’s camouflage of misrepresentation, and then sapped the will to resist religious heretical sects are multiplying and gaining power. Drugs that blow the mind have taken captive many of the up coming generation. Every attack has brought its casualties in every part of corporate life of the family the educational system, the judical system and even the church;, the patterns is to compromise or to break away from God’s fixed moral standards.

What all this is saying is that “the principalities and powers in heavenly places have mustered their unseen array, rigged their Trojan horse, infiltrated society, and opened the gates for a flood of evil to take over.

The body Chaplains Fellowship of Nigeria, is opened to all trained chaplains from reputable chaplaincy institute in Nigeria and abroad. Membership application forms available at the registered office and online.



A chaplain’s loyalty shall be to God and the nation of Nigeria and all nations in promoting the cause of Christ including endeavoring to win others faith in him


A chaplain shall carry on his/her identity card at all times.


A chaplain shall attain his appropriate insignias/decoration from the national headquarter


A chaplain shall transfer his/her insignias / decoration unless through official directives.


A chaplain shall not wear beard except on medical grounds, and male soldiers will keep their hair cut in accordance with a military standards, that is, neat and short, women’s hair is to be kept neat and in art orderly fashion. Worldly hair styles should be avoided. For the Christian soldiers is called to separate from the world.


A chaplain in uniform shall remove his/her beret or cap before drinking or eating in public.


Firearms of all kinds including rifles and hand guns are forbidden. We do not believe in carrying or storing weapons, because our warfare is in the spirit, and this is where the final outcome will be decided. II Cor. 10:3-4. Firearms will not get the job done in today’s violents world. God’s army is being formed to save men’s soul, not to take them.

Let it be known that all soldiers will depend upon God for their protection,. Firearms do not have a place in our chaplaincy corps.



I solemnly promise to live my life in service of humanity. I will, to the best of my ability, uphold and promote the honor and dignity of my profession. I will strive to conduct myself so that I may merit the respect and confidence of my colleagues and hereby agree to these standards of the chaplains Fellowship of Nigeria. I will accept my civic as well as Christian responsibility to practice the charity I owe those I come in contact with, I will make honest my goal in service, counseling and in seeking knowledge through diligent effective prayer these things I pledge to do, freely and upon my honor to the glory of almighty God.

I understand that my preparation for chaplaincy work requires my personal commitment to the lord Jesus Christ and separation from sin. I further realize that sin such as stealing, lying, gossiping, backbiting, profane language, drunkenness, sexual immorality, occult practices, cheating and attitude such as pride lust, bitterness, harmful discrimination, jealous and unforgiving spirit which are to be avoided.   


Archbishop Afilaka Ayodele Lawrence JP
CFN National President/Grand Commander

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