Bishop Ayo Afilaka experienced a life changing encounter with Jesus on the 26th day of February 1974 when he had a ghastly motor accident on a motor cycle and was hospitalized at orthopedic hospital Igbobi ,Lagos .

At the hospital bed, Lord reminded him of his early calling in the year 1964 at the holy temple Church ,Banire Street via Shokunbi Street ,Mushin that he Ayo Afilaka must carry his cross and follow Jesus Christ.

But this commission was ignored by him until the Lord spoke to him ,touched his heart correct him and brought him back .

He was formerly living a life of shame ,defeat and barrenness, but I can testify that all ,that he now say and do are Eternal abiding value.

Have you seen a good gardener working upon a good field or a good garden ?What preparation he puts in before he starts working that ground .Once it may have been very bad and hopeless ,full of thorns and thistle ,but after a few months the very sane field will be yielding fruits in abundances and many colorful flowers.

Every inch : it is used to produce these results the garden had to be worked upon day and night .the ground needed much preparation every stone had to be removed then seeds had to be sown and watered everyday :it is hard to believe at last that it is same way God who compared us to filthy rags ,will be able to say.

My beautiful husbandry my beautiful garden. That is how Bishop Dr . Ayo Afilaka’s life transformed.

The greatest glory is not in nevr falling ,but all his life it has pleased god to make him survive and triumph over all vicissitudes and travails.

The book of proverbs 24:16 says for a just man falleth seven times ,and rises up again .

Archbishop Dr Lawrence Ayodele Afilaka is a product of International Institute of Pastoral Education and Chaplaincy AND Faith Christian Theological Seminary Sango-ota Ogun State of Nigeria.

Registered Diplomate (DCPCO) International Institute of Pastoral education and Chaplaincy Association Nigeria & U.S.A. 1994

FELLOW – International Institute of Pastoral Education & Chaplaincy.

MEMBER – Faith International Ministerial Fellowship INC.

MEMBER – All Faith Chapel Gospel Mission Int. INC

MEMBER – Virgin Prayer Fellowship International & Ministries Association INC

MEMBER - Nigeria security & Civil Defense Corps

PRESIDENT – Preach The Word Evangelistic Team INC

PRESIDENT – Preach The WORD Nursery & Primary School (GOVT APPROVED) 

Archbishop Lawrence Ayo Afilaka ,Born to the Family of Late Mr & Mrs Gabriel Oshundahunsi Afilaka of ILESHA – OSUN STATE of Nigeria .

Elementary school days at Saint Mary’s Catholic School and Saint Lawrence modern School , now saint Lawrence Secondary School Ilesha osun state

Married – Elizabeth Olufunlayo Afilaka (Nee oyerinde 1966) and the marriage is blessed with children




Archbishop Afilaka Ayodele Lawrence JP
CFN National President/Grand Commander

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