Ethics and Morals in Chaplaincy

C.F.N National Director of Administration.



I will be speaking or teaching on ethics and morals in chaplaincy, in other word to show you how can art a chaplain and a member of Chaplains Fellowship of Nigeria, inc.

I want you to understand the total ethics of chaplaincy.

What is ethics?

It means, system of moral principles, or rules of conduct of a chaplain.

What is moral?

It also means concerning principle of right and wrong; in other sense it means the power of distinguishing right and wrong, or right and obligations, based on wrong in human behaviors or able to understand the difference between right and wrong behavior.



(1)  A chaplain is a priest or clean man, attached to a ship of war to the navy army, air force, and public institutions. Officiating in a chapel or family etc.

a military chaplain in can be an army trained solders with additional theological training or a person nominated to the crummy by religious can also be used to described priest or pastor wherein the clergy person devotes the majority of their time and effect to developing and maintaining a familiar relationship environment for a small congregation. 


(2)   Chaplain in Hebrew word

Chaplain is drives from the Hebrew word called, “chem.’s rim” means the priests in charge.

  1. In charge of gods tabernacle a type of high priest or priest of the time of Moses (Heb. 10:10,11:1 pet. 2:9:rev.1:6)
  2. in charge of idols temple (Zech 1:4)
  3. in charge of kings temple or chapel (Amos 7:13, judge 17:-13)
  4. inchage of gods ark (josh 6:4-9) the chaplain is incharge of gods own louse and his people.
  5. the priest stands first in the war front of israelites (josh. 4:10-18)
  6. in secular army, chaplain must be trained and he goes to the war front to pastor, counselling and praying for other soldiers; his gun is only his bible. the priest bears the ark of covenant of god on their shoulder taken charge of the bittle field. king david did not honored their job or because over or zeal or pride, he refused them and he used the donkey to curvey gods ark, and god became angry and killed one the priest carrers, so to put david to shame (2 sam. 6:3-7; 1 chron. 13:9.10: 15: 2-17: ex.25:14; num. 4:15; 7:9; deut.31:9).

(3)  Chaplain is a Pastor

in my simple form of understanding a chaplain is apastor, a true holy man of god, or a pastor in uniforms, or pastor in the military-chapel, he is a spiritual fatter to the forces, he is a missionary in the battlefield. a man who keep and show the law of his country – heavenly laws (the bible), and his commander is jesus christ.

hotel harlot rooms, institutions, he is not a chaplain, either with coal or uniforms. the truth is that a soldier, so you cannot remove chaplain from be a soul winners sodier; either in national or international army or in the christ army soldiers of christ is asoul winner. so, a chaplain remains a sodiers any where in the world. it means he is a servant of god in the foreas.

his duty is to serve the people of god as a pastor in the chapel or in the war front chapel, when at home he sere in the prison, hospital, orphange etc.

As a chaplain, you must work in ministry example some are in prisons, hospita etc, as a chaplain my own fully base on

hotels:- god has used me since1980s – 2007, to won about 17 harlots (girls and ladies) to christ and got rooms and start small businesses for them with my own money.

this is where god gave me, it very dangerious; if you cannot be a self controlled christain live holy always, (read icor. 12:1-6, 12: rom.12:3-8).

a chaplain is typically a priest, pastor, ordained deacon or other member of the clergy serving a group of people who are not organized as a mission or church, or who are unable to attend church for various reasons: such as health; lay chaplains confinement, or millitary or civil duties; lay chaplains are also found in other setting such as universities, etc.

For example a chaplain is often attached to a millitary unit (often called “padre”), a private chapel, a ship, a prison a hospital, a high school, college, hotel or in boarding school etc.

a chaplain always performed family christainings, funerals, weddings holy comminions and where able to conduct services in the family’s private chapels, excusing the nobility from attending public worship. 


(4) The Method Chaplain

the origin of the method chaplain (see cfn training mannels).

chaplain came to us st martin of tours a member of the roman army who was born about 316 ad. a man who gave his robe to unknown dying person, wothout known that it was jesus christ who appeared to him.



  • chaplain is a soldier of christ in the army of god, must change his style of life and build himself as a man of god not 419. a chaplain must ralate to the bible or church and military church, which is called chapel without relating to chapel, church prison hospital


1. LOYALITY A trained chaplain must be loyal to god, his superiors, and the nation, even to those in higher authority in promoting the cause of Christ including endeavoring to win others faith in him.

2. IDENTITY- A trained chaplain must know that he must go with his I.D Card always.

3. INSIGNIAS/DECORATIONS- A chaplain shall attain his appropriate insignias or decorations from the national headquarters.

4. BEARD AND HAIR CUT- A chaplain shall not wear beared except on medical grounds, and male soldiers will keep their hair cut in accordance with a military standards, that is neat and short, women’s hair is to be kept neat and in an orderly fashion. Worldly hair styles should be avoided, for the Christian soldier is called to separate from the world.

5. TRANSFER OF INSIGNIAS/DECORATIONS- no chaplain shall transfer his /her insignia s/decoration unless through official directives

6. EATING PUBLIC- A chaplain in uniform shall remove his/her beret or cap before drinking or eating in public.

7. FIRE ARMS PROHIBITED- firearms of all kinds including rifles and hand guns are forbidden, we do not believe in carrying or storing weapons, because our warfare is in the spirit, and this is where the final outcome will be decided (2 cor. 10:3,4). Firearms will not get the job done on today’s violent world. God’s arming is being formed to save men soul, not to take them. Let it be known, that all soldiers will depend upon God for their protection. Firearms do not have place in our chaplaincy organization –CFN.

8. FIGHTING- A chaplains in or outside uniform shall not fight physically to any body, because you are a peacemaker (1 Tim. 3:3, Titus 1:7).

9. BEHAVIOUR- A chaplains must be well behaved in or out of the corps activities and must be properly dressed at all times with uniform.

10. ASSIGNMENT- A chaplain shall carry out all lawful duties assigned to him.

11. COMPLIMENT- A chaplains shall pay due compliments to his superior both on duty or off duty.

12. SMOKING- A chaplain must avoid the use of tobacco or dangerous drugs.

13. HOT DRINKS- A chaplain must not drink any alcoholic liquor of any kind (Rom. 13:13; 14:19-21). A soldier who drunk is in danger in the battle field, either he comes back dead, or wounded alive.

14. DISCIPLINE- A chaplain must be discipline in all things, in words, deeds, acts; etc.The training makes a soldier to be discipline and orderly. Discipline keeps a soldier alive in service.

15. IMMORALITY- A chaplain must not find himself in immorality (2Tim. 3:5-6)

16. MONEY LOVER- A chaplains must avoid himself to love money, or money becomes first in your life (1 Tim. 3:3; Tit. 1:7; 1 Pet.5:2). Remember the sin and death of Achan(Josh. 7:10-21)

17. PURITY- A chaplain must be holy and pure or righteous (Acts 10:35; Ex. 19:6).A chaplain must live as pure as his uniforms. He is a type of mosaic priest in tabernacle.

What is Righteousness?     It means “one in good standing with God”

18. TRAINING- Training is a part of our ethics (Rom. 8:28). Both good and bad make a man perfect.

19. RESPECT OF OFFICERS- A chaplain (a) must respect the high rank officer all time. (b) You don’t keep your high officer waiting or you don’t go before him, unless he told you or by permission.

(c) You don’t eat or drink or wash in the same bath room with your superior officer.

(20)DRIVER- If you have a car, don’t drive with uniform of high rank-             stars, get driver. Secondly, don’t enter buses with high rank- star(s).

(21)CEREMONIAL SALUTATION- Don’t every body takes the salute during the National Anthem? But the highest rank officer does that. If there are three or more high ranks in a room or place, maybe talking or working, you greet or salute the most rank it covers others.

(22)EYE FOR EYE- A chaplain does not pay evil to evil, because you are a priest of peace to all souls (Rom. 12:19-21; Matt. 5:9; 1 Sam. 25:18-38).