THEME: OVERFLOWING GRACE           1 PETER   1:2

ELECT ACCORDING TO the foreknowledge of God the father, is sanctification of the spirit, for obedient sprinkling of the Blood of Jesus Christ. Grace on you peace be multiplied

Peter confirm this understanding in 2 Pet. 1:2, he says that  explicitly that grace and peace  are giving to come “ in the knowledge of God and of Jesus Christ, may grace and peace be multiple to you in the knowledge of god and Jesus our lord”. In other word, not only am I praying for grace and peace to increase, I am writing a letter to give knowledge of god and of Jesus Christ as kindling for the fire of this increase.

Grace is one of the most important subject in the whole of scripture because it is by grace that we are save and it is through grace; through god’s help, that we are able to continue our Christian journey (Eph. 2:8-9)



Heb. 4:16 tells us that  god is seated on a throne of grace, and we are all encouraged to boldly and confidently approach his throne of grace to receive mercy and find grace to help us in time of need. What that scripture is simply telling us is that it is at god’s throne of grace that personal needs are addressed and attended to.

We have so many personal needs we want god to attend to. Some people badly need strength to pray and fast, some need a new beginning; a complete change from hoe things have been in the past years, some are about to make crucial decision and need god to guide and direct them, while there are people who are in a serious mess right now. It could be financial, marital or sexual mess and they desperately need god bring them out to the mess they are in. For some it is like everything around you seems to be collapsing. It looks like your marriage or your business or even your ministry is about to collapse.

Whatever the size or length of your problem or need, I want to assure you that god is seated on throne of grace and as you come before his throne of grace, you receive an overflow of grace to meat whatever need you have brought into god’s presence.

The first thing this prayer does is to remove the sin barrier. It’s a prayer that takes away every barrier created by sin. Isa. 59 1-2 makes us understand that sin can be a barrier or obstacle to the hand of god touching a person. The prayer of mercy is what removes that sin barrier standing as an obstacle to our receiving our breakthrough (Ps 51:1) David said he was able to scale over walls by god’s strength.

(2 Sam. 22:30), Ps. 18:19. The mercy prayer filled David with divine grace to temping situations. God helps us to overcome sin by creating an escape route for us anytime we are tempted (1 Corinth. 10:13). So there is a grace; there is always divine help to overcome sin, but many time we ignore God’s helping hand; we don’t tap into his grace.

I pray that this year that god want to do some very great things, we will not take the grace of god for granted; rather we will allow his grace help us walk in victory over sin


God gave the law through Moses. The law can be seen in the 10 commandments or first five books of the bible. Thou shall not murder, commit adultery, covet your neighbor’s possession, honor your father and your mother e.t.c the law tell us everything god requires from us; everything he commands us to do. Under the old testament time, failure to observe the law resulted in a curse. Gal. 3:10 – clearly tells us that anyone who didn’t keep the law immediately came under a curse. To worship it, (JAMES 2:10) says if you fail to observe just one law, you are guilty OF NOT KEEPING ALL THE LAWS.

So if you want god’s grace to fill your life, pray for god’s mercy. Mercy opens the door for an overflow of grace.